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RepairMed is the industry BEST one-stop component-level repair depot whose services include the most comprehensive and cost effective flat rate repair pricing!

Infusion Pumps (90 day standard warranty)
 Sigma Spectrum (Baxter)
 InfusOR (Baxter)
 Vista Basic (B Braun)
 Infusomat/Perfusor/ Basic (B Braun)
 Perfusor Compact S (B Braun)
 Ivac 7200 Series (Carefusion)
 Medley 8000/8015 PC (Carefusion)
 Medley 8100 Infusion (Carefusion)
 Medley 8110 Syringe (Carefusion)
 Medley 8120 PCA (Carefusion)
 Medley 8210 Nellcor SPO2 (Carefusion)
 Medley 8220 Masimo SPO2 (Carefusion)
 Medley 8300 ETCO2 (Alaris/Carefusion)
 Medsystem III (Carefusion)
 LifeCare PCA 2 4100 (Hospira)
 LifeCare PCA 3 (Hospira)
 LifeCare PCA MedNet (Hospira)
 Plum A+ / A+ (Hospira)
 Plum A+3 / A+3 (Hospira)
 3010A (Medex Inc)
 Painsmart (Moog / Curlin)
 4000 PLUS (Moog / Curlin)
 4000 / 6000 CMS (Moog / Curlin)
 Medfusion 3500 (Smiths Medical)
Feeding Pumps (90 day standard warranty)
 Kangaroo ePump (Coviden/Kendall/Medtronic)
 Kangaroo Joey (Coviden/Kendall/Medtronic)
 Kangaroo 924 (Coviden/Tyco/Medtronic)
 Kangaroo 324 (Sherwood Medical/Kendall)
 Nestle Compact (B Braun)
 Ross Labs/Abbott Flexiflo
 Ross Labs/Abbott Patrol
 Eitan Group Qcore IVVet, Qcore Sapphire Plus, Qcore Sapphire Multi-Therapy, Qcore Sapphire Epidural (Yellow)
 Moog Medical Enteralite Infinity (Orange & Blue)
Temperature Regulation (90 day standard warranty)
 Gaymar TP700 T/Pump Warming/Cooling System (Stryker)
Sigma Pump Battery Modules (90 day standard warranty)
  35162 Wireless Transmitter Single Channel REPAIR (Baxter)
  35162 Wireless Transmitter Single Channel EXCHANGE (Baxter)
  35162 Wireless Transmitter PURCHASE (Baxter)
  35195 Wireless Transmitter Dual Channel REPAIR (Baxter)
  35195 Wireless Transmitter Dual Channel EXCHANGE (Baxter)
Light Sources (90 day standard warranty)
  Xenon Nova (20131520) (Karl Storz)
  Infravision IR illuminator (Stryker)
  Vital Vue 700 (Covidien)
  9300XDP/LX300/9300/9300W (Luxtec Corp)
  Solar Maxx 300 (Sunoptics Medical)
  Titan 300/400 (Sunoptics Medical)
  350 Proxenon (Welch Allyn)
  SuperLux 301 (Carl Zeiss)
  All Other Surgical Light Sources (Various)
  Xenon 300 (Karl Storz)
  Surgical light pods (Various)
Electro Surgical Units (ESU) (90 day standard warranty)
 FX C, FX-CS, EZ-C (Valley Lab)
 Force 2 (Covidien)
 Force FX-8 (Covidien)
 Force Triad (Covidien)
 FT10 (Covidien)
 Force Argon 2 (ValleyLab)
 ICC 200 / ICC 200E INT UL (Erbe Elektromedizin)
 VIO200S / VIO-300D (Erbe Elektromedizin)
 APC2 / APC-300 (Erbe Elektromedizin)
 Force 40 (Gyrus Acmi)
 Sabre/ Conmed 500 (Conmed)
 CMC III (Codman & Shurtleff Inc)
 ESU 2352 (Richard Wolf Medical)
 G400 (Gyrus Group)
 UES-30 (Olympus)
Defibrillators (90 day standard warranty)
  Heartstart MRx/FRx (Philips)
  AED & AED Plus (Zoll)
  M Series (Zoll)
  R Series (limited support) (Zoll)
  X (limited support) (Zoll)
  E Series (Zoll)
  M4735A/ Heartstart XL (Philips)
  Lifepak 9 (Physio-Control)
  Lifepak 15 (Physio-Control)
  LP20/20e (Physio-Control)
  LP12 (Physio-Control)
Physiological Monitors (90 day standard warranty)
 Infinity Kappa XLT (Draeger)
 Infinity C700 (Draeger)
 Infinity Delta/Delta XL (Draeger)
 Infinity Gamma (Draeger)
 Infinity Gamma XL (Draeger)
 Infinity Explorer (Draeger)
 Nihon Kohden Patient Monitor
 Nihon Kohden Patient Monitor Module
 M1204A monitor (Philips)
 M1205A monitor (Philips)
 M3001A(MMS Module) (Philips)
 X2 M3002A (Philips)
 Intellivue Series (MP2, MP5, MP20, MP30, MP 50, MP70, MX700) (Philips)
 M8010 module (Philips)
 Passport V (Datascope)
 Passport, XG (Datascope)
 Passport 2 / 2LT / XG / EL /11/V (Datascope)
 Spectrum (Datascope)
 Cardio Cap 5 (GE/Datex-Ohmeda)
 RAC 2A (Tram Rack) (GE)
 RAC 4A (Tram Rack) (GE)
 Solar 8000 (GE)
 All DASH Models (GE)
 PROPAQ LT (Welch Allyn)
 202EL (Welch Allyn)
 Vital Care 506DXN Patient Monitor (Criticare Systems Inc)
 90478/90479 module (Spacelabs)
 90369 Patient Monitor (Spacelabs)
 91390 Qube patient monitor (Spacelabs)
 91370 Monitor (Spacelabs)
 91369 Monitor (Spacelabs)
 90367 Monitor (Spacelabs )
 91393 Patient Monitor (Spacelabs )
 91518 Ultraview / Capnograph (Multi-gas analyzer) (Spacelabs)
 UltraView 1700SL/1050/Ultralite ABP/UCW modules (Spacelabs)
 UltraView Command Module (Spacelabs)
LCD Displays & Medical Computers (90 day standard warranty)
 Surgical Grade Over 30” (Various)
 Surgical Grade Under 30” (Various)
 ELO/Planar/LCD Monitors over 30″ (Various)
 ELO/Planar/LCD Monitors under 30″ (Various)
 VisionPro SYNK – Wireless LED Display (Stryker)
 Vision Elect (Stryker)
 VTS-24-HD003, Monitor, Terminal under 30″ (VTS Medical Displays)
 VTS-24-HD003, Monitor, Terminal above 30″ (VTS Medical Displays)
Video Recorders/Printers (90 day standard warranty)
 UP-51MDS (Sony)
 UP-55MD (Sony)
 All Models (Spacelabs)
 OEP-3 (Olympus America)
 OEP-4 (Olympus America)
 OEP-5 (Olympus America)
Vital Sign Monitors (90 day standard warranty)
  Dinamap (GE)
  Accutorr Series (Datascope)
  SureSigns Series (Philips)
  Vital Sign Monitors 42 Series, 53 Series (Welch Allyn)
  VSM 6000 SERIES/ CONNEX (Welch Allyn)
  SpotVitalSigns LXI/42NOB Series / 53S Series (Welch Allyn)
Patient Data Module (90 day standard warranty)
Fetal Monitors (90 day standard warranty)
 170 Series (GE Corometrics)
 250 Series (GE Corometrics)
 115/116/118/120 Series (GE Corometrics)
Cardiac Output Monitor (90 day standard warranty)
 Vigilance II (Edwards)
Cardiac Output Monitor (90 day standard warranty)
 Vigilance II (Edwards)
Telemetry Transmitters (90 day standard warranty)
 Apex Pro/CH (GE )
 Mini Telemetry (GE)
 90478Q/T module (Spacelabs)
 903 Series transmitters (90340-90347) (Spacelabs)
 913 Series Transmitters (Spacelabs)
 MX40 (Philips)
 Prodigy II (2240) Vital Sign Monitor (Colin Medical Instrument)
Anesthesia Gas Benches (90 day standard warranty)
  M1026A Repair (Philips)
  M1026B Repair (Philips)
  M3015A / (PN 862393) (Philips)
  M1019A / G5 Repair (Philips)
  E-CAIO-00 (Datex Ohmeda)
  SAM Module Repair (GE/Marquette)
  SCIO Repair (Drager)
  BIS Monitor AG BIS Vista (Coviden)
  BIS Monitor Vista (Aspect Medical)
  BIS Monitor A-2000 (Aspect Medical)
EKG Carts (90 day standard warranty)
 MAC 5000 (GE)
 MAC 5500 (GE)
 8500 (Burdick)
 3100 Atria (Burdick)
 Eclipse 850 (Burdick)
  CP100 / 200 / 300 (Welch Allyn)
  Schiller AG 242 EKG Cart (Welch Allyn)
  ELI 280 (Mortara)
  ELI 250/ ELI 350 (Mortara)
Pulse Oximeters (90 day standard warranty)
 Nellcor/Coviden PM1000N
 Nellcor/Coviden PM100N
 Nellcor/Coviden N-20
 Nellcor/Coviden N-20P
 Nellcor/Coviden NPB-40
 Nellcor/Coviden N-180
 Nellcor/Coviden N-200
 Nellcor/Coviden N395
 Nellcor/Coviden N-595
 Nellcor/Coviden N-600, N-600X
 Nellcor/Coviden Oximax N-65            
 Masimo Corp Radical RDS
 Masimo Corp Radical RDS-1
 Masimo Corp Radical RDS-3
 Masimo Corp Radical-7
 Masimo Corp Radical-7C
 Masimo Corp RAD-5
 Masimo Corp RAD-57
 Masimo Corp RAD-5V
 Masimo Corp RAD-8
 Masimo Corp RAD-87
Respiratory (90 day standard warranty)
  Nellcor/Coviden Microstream N-85
  Nellcor/Coviden Capnograph NPB-75
  Nellcor/Coviden Capnocheck
  Nellcor/Coviden Capnostream 35
  Oridion Capnography USA Capnostream 20
  Oridion Capnography USA Microcap/Vitalcap
  Philips/Respironics Bipap Vision PM only
  Philips/Respironics BiPap Vision
  Vapotherm Precision Flow
Humidifiers (90 day standard warranty)
  Fisher & Paykel MR410
  Fisher & Paykel MR730
  Fisher & Paykel MR850
  Fisher & Paykel myAIRVO 2
  Fisher & Paykel Neopuff
OR Equipment (90 day standard warranty)
  ATS 1000/2000/1200/3000 (Zimmer)
  Smart Pump Tourniquet (Stryker)
  Ranger Fluid Warmers (Arizant)
  LS7500 (Linavatec) (Conmed)
  1300XSB (Isolux America)
  MLX (Integra Lifesciences)
  300 XL / 500 XL (Smith and Nephew)
R-Wave Trigger Monitors (90 day standard warranty)
 3000 / 3150 (IVY Medical)
Miscellaneous (90 day standard warranty)
 Achilles Insight (GE)
 SCD 700 (Kendall)
 SCD Express (Kendall)