RepairMED is the leader in component-level depot repair capabilities that provides biomedical services to healthcare facilities, medical equipment resellers, and independent service providers of various sizes. Our company has brought together innovative and proprietary technical expertise from the high tech industries of electronic manufacturing, aeronautics, biomedical engineering, and military applications to take the repair of medical equipment to the next level in quality, turn-around, service, and cost-reduction.

RepairMED’s services include the most comprehensive and cost effective flat rate pricing in the industry with a no-hassle warranty on all repairs. Unlike our competition, our flat rate electronic repair pricing is truly flat, with no additional charges! No matter what the electronic issue with the medical device, we will repair it. The only repairs/parts not included in our flat rate pricing are any cosmetic/exterior damage, missing components. and/or accessories.

RepairMED also offers committed, one-stop, and cost-plus contracted flat rate pricing to those customers who wish to create the most efficient and cost effective service model for all of their biomedical depot repairs. Contact a RepairMED Sales Associate for more information and how to qualify for these programs.

Toll Free: 855-813-8100
Fax: 877-716-5577
Phone: 615-420-8542

RepairMED Mission Statement

The intended mission of Image Quest Inc. dba RepairMED is to consistently bring exceptional value and integrity to the Healthcare Technology Management Industry, the global business sector, and our team of diverse employees as a dependable consistent partner and resource, providing outstanding quality and support for managing assets, maintaining cost, and ensuring to the healthcare community safety, reliability, and extreme stewardship with regard to the medical equipment used to support patient care.

RepairMED’s intent is to create a diverse team of passionate, confident, committed employees by providing a culture of empowerment, fairness and diversity that embraces growth, provides for training, and establishes stable secure career paths within the markets we serve.

RepairMED’s heart and soul rest in a deep desire to be a valuable committed asset to the healthcare communities we serve.

Our goal is to strengthen our value by offering products and services that serve to meet a need, make sense for our customers, and meet the goals of the industry and those we serve.


RepairMED is committed to providing prompt, consistent, and reliable, Excellent Quality Services in all areas of operation, as well as ensuring customer satisfaction by considerate understanding of the needs and expectations of its customer, and complying with and continually improving the Quality Management System through the achievement of our quality objectives.


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